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What is Jami3aty

Jami3aty, an Arabic word pronounced as (“Jaamiaaty”) and it means (“My University”), was created as a community service in Dubai to help students Grade 9 to Grade 12 plan, prepare, and apply for admission at local and regional Universities.
Jami3aty's goal is to bring all universities from United Arab Emirates into 1 single paltform, so that the user can easily browse, compare and then apply.

Here, at Jami3aty, we're trying to make the application procedure as easy as possible; however, for the institutions who do not want to route their application process through us, you will have to apply on their website / platform directly.

At Jami3aty, we do everything to keep your data secure at all times. Your personal information is stored on secure servers, and key information is always encrypted. We do not store credit card data.

Jami3aty can not confirm any of the admission results, however we are dedicated to bring more transparency into the admission process, while simplifying.In order to maximize your results, we always suggest to check the extra information available on 3rd party websites AND apply to more than 1 university.

Keeping the information up to date is one of our key priorities  here at Jami3aty. If you find any information that is not relevant, we encourage you to let us know as well.

Jami3aty's utlimate goal is to include all universities from United Arab Emirates into 1 single platform. However, if there are institutions which are not listed on our website that you are aware of, we encourage you to let us know and we'll do our best to add them.

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