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We're looking forward for building a platform where graduates can browse and compare all the higher education programs, and easily apply to any of them.

about jami3aty

Our Story

Launched in March 2017, Jami3aty, an Arabic word pronounced as (“Jaamiaaty”) and it means (“My University”), was created as a community service in Dubai to help students Grade 9 to Grade 12 plan, prepare, and apply for admission at local and regional Universities.

With our insatiable passion for Education, and in light of recent global hardships, we re-launched Jami3aty to provide a wealth of information and services on admission requirements and application deadlines that benefits students, parents, and academic advisors alike.

In addition, we also offer a Unified Online Application for Admission that allows students to fill out one application with one set of documents and submit to many universities on demand reducing their overall time spent on multiple applications by more than 60%.

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What We Do ?

Our goals are to provide innovative solutions for educational institutions and most relevant information and assistance for students, parents, and academic advisors.


Our mission is to continuously innovate and pave the way for students to be the best they can be and for educational institutions to give the best they can give using the latest and greatest technologies and methodologies.


Our vision is to become the most reliable reference for students, and the most innovative partner for educational institutions.

Who we are

The team behind Jami3aty

Samir Awdi Founder Jami3aty
Samir Awdi
Mihai Sava Founder Jami3aty
Mihai Sava