Program of study:
Jami3aty Practice Application
  • City: Dubai
  • Academic level: Undergraduate
  • Area of study: Engineering & Technology
  • Specialty: Engineering & Technology
  • Language of study: English
  • Major
  • Duration: 0 years
  • Number of hours: 0
  • Obtained degree at graduation: Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering - Practice

  • Seats:
  • Admission fees: 0 AED
  • Yearly tuition: 0 AED
  • Deadline for admission: 06 Apr 2021

  • Admission
  • Open Enrollment
  • Start: Not Set
  • Deadline: 31 Dec 2021
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  3. Finalize and submit the application

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Jami3aty Practice Application

Jami3aty - My University

Jami3aty Practice Application

Use this program starting from Grade 09 and above to practice your application for admission. Provide accurate information, and go through the entire process as if you are applying for college. We will follow through and treat it like a real application for practice purposes.

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