Program of study:
Bachelor of Medical Imaging
  • City: Abu Dhabi
  • Academic level: Undergraduate
  • Area of study: Life Sciences & Medicine
  • Specialty: Medicine
  • Language of study: English
  • Major
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Number of hours: 137
  • Obtained degree at graduation: Bachelor of Medical Imaging

  • CAA Accreditation : Yes - view

  • Seats:
  • Admission fees: 1,000 AED
  • Yearly tuition: 85,625 AED
  • Deadline for admission: 14 Mar 2021

  • Admission
  • TBC
  • Start: 14 Mar 2021
  • Deadline: 31 Mar 2021
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Bachelor of Medical Imaging

Fatima College Of Health Sciences

Near Al Mafraq Hospital, PO Box. 3798, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Bachelor of Medical Imaging

​Application Documentation Required

General Documents

  1. A duly filled out college application form.
  2. Medical Fitness Certificate for all applicants. (To be submitted upon enrollment) ​
  3. Copy of valid Passport and valid Residence Visa. (student, father, and mother)
  4. Copy of valid Identity Card issued by the United Arab Emirates. (student, father, and mother)
  5. Family book (local and mother local)
  6. Copy of Birth Certificate.
  7. Certificate of good Conduct (from MOI)
  8. Personal Photo​

UAE Schools:

1. Original or attested High School Certificates from Ministry of Education. If the secondary high school is issued from outside UAE, then it must be equated from the Ministry of Education in UAE. (Along with the transcript)

2. UAE National students and Mother National Students with overall high school average
a.  (General track): 70%  (Nursing, RMI , and Paramedic).
b. (Advanced track):
- (80%) (Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, psychology ).
-(70%) Nursing, Paramedic and RMI​

1. Non-Local Students with overall average 90% (Advanced track only).
2.  EmSAT 1100, IELTS 5.0 or equivalent for the direct Entry.
3.  EmSAT 900, IELTS 4.5 for Foundation Program (Local Only).
4.  In bridging program, student must have a diploma in health science sector with the following:
·         EmSAT 1500 , IELTS over all 6.0  or equivalent
·         HAAD license
·         Experience not less than 2 years
·         No objection letter from the work place

Private school student must submit Grade 12 equivalency certificate with:
a.  Not less than C in the science courses for British & (4) in IB system
b.  Minimum of 70% for the American system.

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